A collection of thought-provoking research paper topic ideas in economics

Research paper topics in economics are easy to come by. It is a matter of finding a good topic to write about that is interesting and thought-provoking. There are many options to consider and there are a few ways to go about choosing the best one. It helps to have an idea of sources to use for research, personal interests based on what you have learned, and even sample papers on related topics to give more insight on possible topics.

What Do You Know about Economics?

When considering topic ideas start with what you know. What do you know about economics that could give you a head start on finding a good topic? There are many aspects about the subject itself. Find a starting point through brainstorming. This includes taking a broad subject such as economics and breaking it down into something smaller. As you do this exercise thing about areas you have learned about and what you would like to learn more about should you decide to research it further.

What Are Other Options for Topics?

Sample papers written by other students or professional writers can be great writing tools for ideas. Research paper ideas can be found through papers written by other student through online databases with academic papers. They allow extended access to a wide selection of papers shared by other students. The other option for samples includes professional writing services. You can hire a writer to create a unique paper for your needs based on instruction and guidelines you provide. They are available for a small fee but students can use them anyway they wish.

10 Topic Ideas for Economics

When drafting good ideas for your paper think about the main idea and how you can provide clear proof to write a good paper. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Is college worth the investment?
  2. Why does so much poverty exist?
  3. How should wealth be distributed?
  4. Why does healthcare cost so much?
  5. Costs related to control air pollution.
  6. Why do banks exist?
  7. How much property should people be allowed to own?
  8. Who decides minimum wage amounts?
  9. Are charities helping or hurting problems related to their purpose?
  10. Will there ever be enough money to solve health-related issues?