15 Thought-Provoking Research Paper Ideas For A Literature Class

Writing a paper for literature class starts with a good topic. It can be overwhelming choosing an idea since so many literature-related ideas have been researched multiple times over. If you find a sample online writing papersr it can give hints on what you can write. To make the project easier the best rule to follow when choosing a topic is to stick to what you know. Your personal interests or what you are passionate about will help you find the best topic. A list of sample ideas along with tips on how to create your own can be just as valuable. Here is what you need to know when developing content.

15 Sample Writing Prompts

Just when you learn about an assignment your mind goes blank. You can’t think of a topic when you’re panicked about how much content you are expected to produce for the assignment. You may feel like you’ll never get the work done if you don’t know what to write. One thing you can do is review a list of writing prompts for your subject or area of study. Sometimes a general idea is all you need to spark something of interest. When you need help with research paper topic selection consider the following ideas to create your own.

  1. Studying of a character from your favorite novel.
  2. Analyzing an author and their style of writing.
  3. How a character is developed and treated throughout a story.
  4. Comparing two characters of a novel.
  5. How a character is disguised in a novel or how Shakespeare explored the concept in his work.
  6. Explore a literary work that was influenced by politics.
  7. Discuss evolution of a genre in literature.
  8. Interesting ways irony is used in literature.
  9. Why metaphors are important to literature.
  10. Is Christmas portrayed in literature different from real life views?
  11. The best literary work featuring a unique perspective on tragedy.
  12. How is humor used in certain forms of literature?
  13. How has literary works help people gain wisdom?
  14. Ways to get teens more interested in a form of literature.
  15. Why some books have been banned.

These are just a few ideas to consider for custom research paper writing assignments. You can also use sample papers through academic archives or papers presented through college university websites for more ideas. Be open and creative with your idea while making sure it will help you meet guidelines for the project.

Choosing a Final Topic

How do you know you have the right topic? Think about the writing process and access to resources. Will you be able to develop a solid main idea with enough supporting evidence? The idea you choose should provide enough data to write a full paper. You may find additional ideas for topics through established writing agencies with research papers for sale. You can choose to work with a professional writer that will help you get a great idea to research.